About the LGBT

Jadi kemarin ada yang bertanya. Kelompok anti-LGBT berjuang agar anak mereka tidak terpengaruh menjadi LGBT, terus apa tujuan kelompok pro-LGBT membela mereka? Saya tidak langsung menjawab, karena saya tahu, jawaban emosional tidak akan menyelesaikan apapun. Dan yah, jujur saya cukup emosi dengan pertanyaan semacam itu. Ternyata menahan diri memberi saya dan semesta waktu untuk memberikan […]

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IPT1965, Lending Voices to the Silenced

To a certain degree, I the article in Guardian is is true. We never stopped talking about 1965. Not in a plain discussion surely, the risks are to great. To talk about it in the wrong tone, might bring the similar fate to those slaughtered by Soeharto regimes. We talk about it, in silence, in […]

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Just your average Joe’s you’ve met on the street. With his own dream and aspiration, with his joy and desperation. Trying to capture and share daily live event from his own perspective.

Not much of a life may be, but someday he hope he can be proud of it.



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