it’s easy, real easy to judge…

but do you ever know what it’s feel to be hungry for days?

to have no roof upon your head when the rain is pouring like the tears of the angel?

to understand that there is no hope, no hope at all for you and your kid to ever be sufficient?

to realize that you were only the mask they used whenever convenience and to be ignored most of the time?

it’s easy … real easy to judge my friend …

so build your wall of ignorance.

generalize it’s always easier that way.

hide behind your facade of charity.

till one day …

the shoes they’re wearing is your shoe …

the hope they have none today will be the hope you have none one day

it easy … real easy to judge my friend …

The above is not some kind of poetry. At least I don’t mean to make it as such. I’m just trying to express how I feel when I do my blogwalking and plurkstrolling recently.

I don’t know. I, myself despise the beggar mentality some that is prevalent here in Indonesia, especially since that despicable BLT policy by SBY-JK government. However, I refuse to play generalization over the people.

Come on, surely not everyone out there begging on the street is a crook. Sure there were some who’s involved in organized begging (?). There were heartless people who rent babies to be used as façade in their effort to gain our sympathy. But I implore you to look deeper into the problem.

It’s poverty. It’s robbing us from our sense of decency. It steals hopes and debilitating our willingness to struggle.

Have you ever know what it’s like to feel, when the money in your hand is the only money you own. And you got to fulfill your need with that money. Tomorrow? What tomorrow? You don’t even sure there will be tomorrow for you or for your kids. Have you ever understand the feeling when it’s night and there no home for you to return? And no roof will ever shelter you from the rain.

Come on, I’m begging you to try to feel what it’s like when you know damn sure that there will be no future for your kid to have a better live, to have no hope whatsoever for your survivability.

You might then said ‘that’s why we do our charity over that organization’ and the likes arguments. Well I said, your choice. But in my opinion, by doing that you miss yourselves the opportunity to know … to understand … to really empathized with their suffering. And that’s the most waste of our capability as a human being. Maybe those organizations is indeed doing their deeds and help the poor. But that organization is also building you a wall that separate you and the reality that surround you. You become numb of their suffering, and then you start playing with generalization. ‘they’re lazy’, ‘they’re organized’, ‘they look filthy, but they own three house in their village’ and so on and so forth.

Sure they were some of the beggar out there that really are lazy. And most of them are organized and they only serve to enrich their patron. Heck some of them even get rich by begging on the street. But are they all alike? Each man is story, and there’s no story alike. And if you’re willing to look deeper into that story it will enrich your lives.

I always like the Indian proverb ‘don’t judge other until you walk with their shoes for three days’. And that’s the message I’m trying to bring to you tonight. Try … really try to understand, to feel, to empathize with their situation. Hate the mentality but don’t hate the man.


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