Independence Day

Indonesian Independence Day, at first I’ve already given up on making any post regarding this event. Got myself making several drafts, but in retrospect, I simply don’t feel any of that draft can convey what I really think about this special day for this country. Besides I really was running out of any inspiration lately to really be able to make any post.

That was until someone inspires me to make this post. So here I am not, tries to make the best out of the drafts I’ve already make.

To be honest, probably the main reason that makes it hard for me to write this down is because I never really give much thought about this day. At least that’s what I feel ever since my high school years.

During my junior high school years I have a friend, a Timor descent kid, whose being adopted since his parents are killed during the Indonesian occupational war there. He tells me stories about the cruelty and the killing that both parties – the Indonesian and the Timorese – do in the name of nationality. That I think is the seeds that really shape my point of view up till today. Also during my senior high school years, I got myself two teachers that influence me a lot. One of them tells us about the oppression that our government does to the Kedung Ombo residents that refuses to be reallocated when the government build the Kedung Ombo dam. Another one tells us story about how Golkar and ABRI manipulate the politics those days.

Afterward there’s really not much to tell. I got myself involved in underground movement and such during my college years. And my point of view toward these celebrated national holidays is dwindling along the way. I really don’t put much faith on nationalism nor patriotism. Instead I choose humanity, I choose freedom and I choose tolerance.

That being said, I do love the people of this great country. And I do admire those who fought and give their lives for the people of this nation. People like Munir, Bang Ali and his friend on Petisi 50 and many others who really stand against the oppression and injustice that our government does toward the Indonesian people.

And now, at the sixty forth anniversary of this Republic, we’re blessed with more freedom. And the rise of online social networking tools like twitter, facebook and plurk gives us media to channel our freedom of expression. And some of us really use this opportunity and media for good cause, like to build community of similar interest people and to express ourselves to some issue in more visible way.

Like for this Independence Day celebration, initiated by one outstanding man, Anggun Adi Prasetya, along with the Kopdar Jakarta community. They made these two videos

This one is as part of their celebration of the Independence Day.

And this one is their response to the July Bombing incidents and terrorism in general.

No doubt we’re going to see a lot of similar movement in the future. Heck, some movements actually has already established prior to this, like the ‘Free Prita‘ movement and indonesiaunite Movement. And this is just a glimpse of the many movement out there. And I do believe that it’s just a matter of time before we’re seeing movement that really in touch with reality instead of simply an online movement and with a more long term projection. And I can’t really wait to see all that. And may be, one day, we can really be independence …

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