On Caliphate System

Just the other day, one of my friend on social media, Mr. Ahmad Ramadhana, posted an angry status on plurk regarding the caliphate movement on facebook. He gets quite mad actually, even to a point that he changes his plurk alias to NKRI. *hallo kang*

The issue is actually quite an old issue in blogosphere. I’ve encounter such posting from time to time whether it’s from the Pro-Caliphate movement or otherwise. And most of the time, those posting will became a flame war post between the two opponent.

All this time though, I just enjoyed reading those flame war, while accusation, twisted logic and such thrown from one party to another.

But reading the thread posted on that facebook page, I can’t help myself to try to express my opinion on this issue. Not much of an opinion actually, for I never give a damn on ideological topic like this. I put my concern more on the people, the one who will run the system and the one who’s gonna be affected by it. And in regard of this issue, all I can say is I don’t really mind if they’re gonna run this country by that ideology, as long as it was accepted by the majority in accordance to democratic principle. In short, to the pro-caliphate supporter, win yourself an election, and then it’s up to you to run the system.

Of course there are things that gotta be settled first before hand. The first thing that comes cross my mind is in regard of the socialization on the system itself. I hardly ever found one notion of how this system gonna be *probably because I’m too lazy to search, but then again, those pro-caliphate are the one who have the interest here, so it’s really they’re responsibility to socialize what they want* which in my opinion, without a clear view on this ideology, it’s gonna be hard on them to convince people to vote for them.

Afterward, I guess there will be issues that need to be settled. More importantly issues that concern the human right and law application of this caliphate system. For as far as I know there are several principles in this system that could pose conflict with the human right.

Really, I don’t give a damn about the ideological system, for I believe a system is only as good as the man who runs it. Therefore I only give a damn about who’s gonna run it and about those who’s gonna be affected by that system. Explain your stands, in logical way. If the majority agrees with you then go ahead, otherwise, well revised, compromised, change. That’s after all is what politic is all about isn’t it, the art to compromise πŸ˜€


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