Where do We Want to Go?

Gonna be a hard post to write, to read, and to swallow. But there’s this burning thing inside of me that needs to be expressed, so what the hell, come what may.

Let’s get straight to the point here, a question actually: what are we going to achieve, what is our goal, our target, our objective. It’s seems to me that we have no focus, we shifted our attention from one issue to another without really completely accomplish anything.

Just look in short term issues we faced recently. Have we really achieved anything on the crocodile vs. gecko issue? Have we pushed the government to get the transparency on Bank Century case? Are we gonna put our utmost effort in Prita case?

Let’s do a little break down here. On Gecko-Crocodile case, have they really released Bibit and Chandra completely? (I have my own opinion actually, but that’s another case, really) Have the police dept. and the attorney general fires their entire officer who’s being named in the tape that revealed in MK? Has they arrested this man Anggodo?

On Bank Century case, not that I’m an expert in banking rules and law, but was it so really bad to open up all the account and trace all the transaction to ensure that the winning party in the last election wasn’t involve in hanky panky with the bank? I don’t know, as I’ve said, I’m no expert in banking issues and law, but I believe there a greater importance to reveal that information.

On Prita case, was the last sentence is the final sentence? I don’t see any other effort to ensure that Prita gets the right kind of defense for her next trial. Or may be we just gonna wait until it’s happened? Then we can all roar ourselves, and play the late hero part, stage a rally, and collecting coins? Just tell me guys, I’m being stupid and befuddled here, how does we bailing out Prita can prevent the similar thing to happen again in the future?

No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the movement to collect the coins that’s been hype all of a sudden. It’s all good and well. But what do we gonna do about the main issue? What plan do we have, what strategy do we wish to execute, to straightened up all those mumbo jumbo law that was made to gag us. Do you know that stupid libel law has been used again to some member of a certain NGO who claim to have the info regarding the money flow from BC to the president campaign team in the last election?

Where do we want to go?

The way I see it, we’re dancing, we’re dancing to the beat of other people agenda, who don’t want to get anything settled in this country. The government? Don’t know, most probably they’re just like us, dancing to the beat of other faction too; there’s no way to really tell I guess. The media? Same as the government, I think. From the offline media to the online media with their so called influencer, all just playing to the beat of someone else rhythm. The rhythm of the people who just don’t see the benefit of us, the people, achieving anything, anything at all…

And the worst part is, we all just succumbed to this rigmarole drop of a show. Like a terminal patient whose been given the placebo. Yeah, let’s just talk about sex, let’s talk about the next hype event, let’s talk about anything. We have surrendered our coins, we have retweeted our support, we are all heroes yay.

And the saddest part for me is, well we all are heroes dammit, we all are heroes. Don’t you think it’s about time to act like one?


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