My Very Own Puzzle of Truth

What I never understood about the theist, atheist or agnostics are their needs to proof themselves the right one thus other is wrong.

I kinda like what Gibran once wrote:

For even when you’re not straight, doesn’t mean you’re bent.

If there’s one thing life teach me so far is that life is rich with many version of truth and that’s alright.

For me it seems, instead of trying to prove I was right, I tried to take and enjoy all discussion with open mind, toward everybody, theist, atheist and agnostic. Picking up and savoring the truth in each of their believes to form my own puzzle of truth…

What does that makes me? A theist (sometime), an atheist (some other time) or an agnostic (that’s what I labelled myself most of the time) I don’t really know, and very much seldom give a damn. For why should I trapped myself within a box when there’s a whole world of beauty to enjoy?


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