IPT1965, Lending Voices to the Silenced

To a certain degree, I the article in Guardian is is true. We never stopped talking about 1965. Not in a plain discussion surely, the risks are to great. To talk about it in the wrong tone, might bring the similar fate to those slaughtered by Soeharto regimes.

We talk about it, in silence, in allegory, in folklore, in ghost story. We talk about this in disquise which in turn preserved the fear politics as intended by those killing general.

That’s why I think #IPT1965 is important. For we must start talking in clear about what happened during those days. We must lend our voices to those whose been silenced for the last 50 years. While we might not be able to serve justice for those victim, by lending them our voice, their story must be heard, and that’s also vital in resolving the conflict.

Surely there will be a debate, arguments criticism over the revelation. Some are childish like those said by the Vice President Jusuf Kalla. But there are also those worthy of discussion.

It’ll probably sounds scary for some of us whose being silenced by the New Order Regime (and their successor whose seeks to assert their power over us all over again). But these are the process we must gone through if we want our country to grow. A necessary pain to reconciliate us as a nation, maybe?

I always believe Wiji Thukul didn’t write poetry, he is struggling, against the oppresive New Order Regime. And this one is appropriated at those whose been silenced all this time…

Sajak Suara

Sesungguhnya suara itu tidak bisa diredam
Mulut bisa dibungkam
Namun siapa mampu menghentikan nyanyian bimbang dan pertanyaan-pertanyaan dari lidah jiwaku

Suara-suara itu tak bisa dipenjarakan
disana bersemayam kemerdekaan
Apabila engkau memaksa diam
Aku siapkan untukmu : pemberontakan!

Sesungguhnya suara itu bukan perampok
yang merayakan hartamu
Ia ingin bicara
Mengapa kau kokang senjata dan gemetar ketika suara-suara itu menuntut keadilan?

Sesungguhnya suara itu akan menjadi kata
Ia yang mengajari aku untuk bertanya
dan pada akhirnya tidak bisa tidak engkau harus menjawabnya
Apabila engkau tetap bertahan
Aku akan memburumu seperti kutukan


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