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I vote for Dhyta Caturani aka. purplerebel on L’oreal Woman of Worth.

Some would say it’s a petty contest, I know. Some even said that it’s beneath her stature.Heck, even Dhyta herself might not approved her being nominated or endorsed on this sort of thing, I don’t know 😛

So, why did I did it? Personal reason actually, for me Dhyta personify the best part of the so called Activism. She’s really one of the person that I can call an activist.

You might ask, what’s so great about it? There’s a lot people out there on social media that we labeled or labeled themselves as Activist. What’s so great about Dhyta anyway that I should made a special blogpost about her?

Well, it’s kinda tricky to explain without sounding judgemental. I really am not (being judgemental) here. I just realized nowadays, it’s seems so easy to get labelled as an activist. I don’t know, its seems these days just simply retweeting, reshare, liking or +1ing a page is enough to make someone labelled as an activist. 

Was it wrong? No, it’s not wrong, I believe it’s probably the first phase for many people to get involved in activism issue, and I think it’s great how Internet and social media could facilitated us to get involved. What I’m trying to say is at a certain point, it’s not enough. Have a look here on simplistic definition of Activist:

activist definition


Most of the time, it takes a lot more than just social media activity to really made that change.

That’s the reason I voted for Dhyta. Her activism activity goes beyond social media, most of them are even things that you wouldn’t see in media (social or otherwise). From what little I’ve known during our friendship (yeah, it’s pretty presumptuous on my part, but I really consider her a friend) she’s been there with those who’ve been neglected by society, she’s been there with rape and sexual abuse victim (some are just too gruesome to be told) she’s consistently struggle for the right of the oppressed, even with her petite sometimes look pretty frail, she would stand in the front line of many demonstration and rally for what she believes is the right of the people. And she did sacrificed many good thing in her life for what she believe.

I vote for Dhyta, not to scared people away from activism related activity, but to inspire people. To go beyond of our comfort zone, to look around and give a damn about the things that happened around us and dare to fight for what we believe is right.

I also voted for Dhyta, to show her of my appreciation, for setting an example and being a role model for many people.



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